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Kohl’s Idea Challenge Registration

Saturday, June 9, 2012

9:00am – 6:00pm (CST)
Milwaukee: OPEN MiKE in the Shops of Grand Avenue, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

Chicago:That Conference Chicago Hackathon Illinois Technology Association, 200 S. Wacker, Suite 1500, Chicago, 60606

Milwaukee Innovation Week is excited to announce the Kohl’s Idea Challenge!

This event is a unique opportunity for creatives, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, business savvy students and professionals to come together for a day and respond to a challenge Kohl’s has defined around an integrated retail experience.

Like a hackathon, but different. The Idea Challenge itself is not necessarily about writing code and building an application. It’s focused more on coming up with and pitching a killer idea. That said, we are teaming up with a hackathon event in Chicago and BarCamp in New York. So participants in those cities will pitch an idea and may continue on with turning that idea into an application.

What to bring? There will be teams. There will be brainstorming. There will be lots of food and fun! Make sure you bring your laptop (and powercord), phones, gadgets, design and development tools and anything you need to put together a compelling presentation of your idea.

What’s in it for me? This is your chance to present ideas directly to high level decision makers. Why is that cool? Kohl’s isn’t looking at this as a one-time event to grab a pile of ideas. They would like to use the Idea Challenge to establish and grow relationships with creative, talented people like you. Kohl’s is excited by the opportunity to support YOUR great ideas by continuing to work with those who create them. So, the prize money could be just the beginning…

What’s in it for Kohl’s? Kohl’s is looking to connect with creative people and BIG ideas that directly relate to Kohl’s. Of course this event could produce really cool ideas for them to grow their business. What company wouldn’t want that?

$5,000 for the best idea??? That’s right. The person or team who presents the best idea at the Idea Challenge will win $5,000! Second and third place will win $2,500 each. We also have some goodies from Kohl’s and Google just for participating. To win the big money, your idea will integrate smart design, technology and a meaningful way for Kohl’s to engage consumers. (We’ll share more about the specifics of the challenge at the event.)

Who’s competing? Teams in Milwaukee and Chicago will be competing for the cash and a chance to see their idea hit the big stage. We’ll keep everyone connected via Skype. And there will be a Kohl’s representative in each city to guide participating teams.

Registration and team formation for the event begins at 9:00 a.m. (CST) on Saturday, June 9. If you have a team, great. If you need to join a team, we can help!

Beginning at 10AM (CST), Kohl’s will announce the details about the Idea Challenge. Then it’s off to the races. You and your team have the rest of the day to come up with a great idea. It can be a well designed pitch deck, a working mobile app prototype or everything in between.

At 4:45PM (CST) teams will make their five-minute pitches to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash and the potential to see their idea come to life at Kohl’s.

Oh, and, we’ll also keep you nourished—food and beverages will be provided complimentary of Kohl’s!

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