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When we think about innovation, we tend to think about researchers in crisp, white lab coats, slick tech entrepreneurs with fancy gadgets and VC’s making deals.

But, the truth is that innovation is a messy business. It’s full of blind alleys and half-baked ideas, random collisions and abrupt changes in direction. Ideas mix and combine, fail, reemerge and, in the end, only a precious few become overwhelmingly successful.

Innovation, most of all, is driven by collaboration. So it takes more than just smart people, but diversity as well.  Different people, working on different things, colliding together in unexpected ways are what bring about important new ideas. That’s why, more than anything else, connecting talent in Milwaukee is crucial to our continued ability to innovate and compete.

MiKE creates programs that lead to partnerships between corporations and emerging talent networks. 

Those emerging talent networks include entrepreneurs, independents, creatives and other innovators, as well as the critical organizations that support those constituents.  We find meaningful ways to connect them with Milwaukee’s corporate giants to drive mutually-beneficial opportunities that result in innovation.

Our programs fall into three categories:

  1. Storytelling: We turn innovators and entrepreneurs into rock stars at large-scale and intimate events.
  2. Creating: We host challenges and projects that result in new technology, companies, and fully-baked ideas.
  3. Connecting: Whether it’s a guest speaker, a new company, or a titan of industry, we connect people to forge new relationships that lead to action.

Who is MiKE?

Read more about MiKE’s 2014 Leadership Council and Talent Network

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